Online Casino Tips

1. One fun way to bet is to practise progressive betting. It works like this: after every win, increase your bet by at least half of your previous win. After a loss, go back to minimum bet.
2. Don’t double up after a loss. A lot of gambling systems suggest doing this, but it’s a fast way to ruin.
3. After losing five times in a row, change games or tables. This won’t increase your chances of winning, but it will mean that you have more fun.
4. Remember – always play with money that you can afford to lose!
5. Don’t believe that every game is the same on every online casino site. The truth is some online casinos offer much better odds than others. Again this is going to require some research on your part but it’s your money in the bank we’re talking about – so the extra effort is well worth it!
6. Test your skills. While most things in life are not free almost all of the casino software and online gambling sites have a “play for free” option. This is great practise for when you go live and there is real money at stake. If you do play for free beware of online casinos that heavily weigh odds in the players’ favour on the free games but quickly change their tune when the same player signs on to play for money. If you feel you are winning way too much on the free games this might be a good time to check those message boards to see what other players have to say on the subject.
7. A night in without the sin. When you play online you are devoid of the smoky night life atmosphere that is common in land based casinos. According to your tastes this may be a good or bad thing. But why not make the most of your online experience by using your poker charts or odds guides to improve your game? Additionally, you may not feel so pressured when making your bets with scores of others looking at every move. Again this may be a good or bad thing for some gamblers find they play better when they are under more pressure.