Online Casino Bonus

Below are some of the best casino bonuses which we have discovered whilst on the web. We like to make sure that we are always current so bonuses may disappear over time. Stay updated by visting our site. Remember these bonuses are only for new players only.

  1. William Hill Casino
  2. 888 Casino

Online gaming is a new entertainment platform that has taken casino enthusiasts by storm. Since the establishment of the first gaming site over a decade back, the industry has developed with an extremely high rate. The escalating competition has made casinos to come up with diverse bonuses that are intended to lure new players and maintain loyalty of seasoned gamers in the casino. The following is an outline of the most popular kinds of bonuses available.

Bonuses for the newcomers

New gamers are normally offered welcome bonus upon signing up in a casino. The amount is intended to help the player learn how to play the games without risking their cash. The reward has become mandatory in all online casinos. Players move one site to another looking for the best deal in the market.
The welcome bonus is calculated in a variety of ways. One of these offers includes the match up reward. The players are given similar amount to the bankroll they deposit. Nonetheless, there is a maximum and minimum amount that is awarded. It is upon the punter to deposit money that would help them to earn the highest amount of free cash.
The no-deposit bonus is another kind of reward system where the player is offered free money for just opening an account. The bonuses come with the new accounts and can be used to play premium games. However, the earnings acquired using the cash cannot be withdrawn until the players deposit and wager certain amount of cash. The intention of offering the no-deposit bonuses is to allow new players have a real taste of the premium play.

Bonuses for the veterans

After a player has made the first deposit and played for some time, it is necessary to deposit more cash after the initial bankroll is depleted. The reload bonus is a discount that is intended to motivate the new players to keep the account active. Many gaming houses offer match bonuses for the second deposits. Some sites offer the bonus in form of a percentage that can vary from one game to the other.
The annual bonus is another common reward that is offered to the loyal players every year. The amount awarded is normally an accumulation of the entire amount deposited by the player in a casino. Some gaming houses offer discounts calculated from accumulation of between 10 and 20 initial deposits.
The comp points is also a special bonus calculated through determining the amount of cash a player has deposited in a casino within a given time. Every time a player deposit and use the money in a casino, the cash earns points that can be accumulated and converted into either free play or money.

Technical bonuses

Referral bonus is offered to players who recommend games to players. When the new player deposit and start playing, the individual who brought in the new player earns a commission known as the referral fee.
The sticky bonus is free money offered to players, by casinos, to encourage them to play the premium games. The winnings earned using the bonus can be withdrawn, but the bonus amount remains in the account.