Casino War
Pick a card – highest wins! If only all casino games were as straight forward as this. Here’s the brief intricacies of this simple gamble

Casino war is probably the simplest of all casino games. Both you and the dealer draw a card – and the highest one wins! The game is played with six decks, and cards are ranked 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace.
It works like this: the dealer and the player both draw a card. If your card is higher, you win even money (1-to-1) on your bet and the round is over. If the dealer’s card is higher, you lose your bet and the round is over. Click New Game if you want to play again.
Here’s where it gets interesting, though. If the cards are equal, you can surrender and only lose half your bet or, you can go to war.

To go to war, you have to double your bet. The dealer will then draw one card for each of you. If your card beats or equals the dealer’s, you win even money (1 to 1) on the raise; the original wager is returned to you. If the dealer’s card is higher, you lose both the original wager and the raise.

A tie bet is also available. To place a tie bet, click on the tie bet area in the middle of the screen.
Click on a different chip to add a different amount to the tie bet. Right-click on the tie bet area to remove chips.
If your first card and the dealer’s first cards are equal, you win 10 to 1 on your tie bet.
The probability of winning is 50% – the house edge comes in when you go to war – in that situation you’re doubling your bet but you can only expect to win back your original bet.
1. Click on the betting spot to place some chips. If you place too many chips, don’t worry – just right click to remove them.
2. Click on deal to begin dealing. The dealer will deal two cards – one to you, and one to him.
3. If your card is higher than the dealer’s, you win back twice your bet. Congratulations!
4. But if the dealer has the higher card, you lose your bet. Aces are high in Casino War, by the way.
5. What happens if both cards are of the same value? You have two choices. (This is where the game gets interesting…)
6. You can choose to surrender, and forfeit your original bet. If this happens, the game is over and you’re ready for a new round.
7. Or, you can’go to war. When you go to war, you double your initial bet. The dealer will again deal out two cards – one to you, and one to him.
8. Again, if your card’s higher card, you win. But if you get the lower card, you lose. If you draw again, you lose too.