Four In A Row

You and I Know it as Connect Four, but until the skill gaming industry strikes a deal with Milton Bradley (that’s MB Games to you and I) we’ll have to call it Four-In-A-Row. Four-In-A-Row is an extremely simple game – players drop discs into columns in an effort to be the first to put four together.
Since everybody presumes they know how to play, with practise you should be able to beat the hordes of beginners that attempt to conquer these games.
For instance, you’ll be surprised how often opponents fail to spot an obvious threat to connect four discs, especially three discs running diagonally.
Advanced players love to force a win by creating three in a row, so no matter what move the opponent plays it is impossible for him/her to win. But wait, there’s more strategy: discs placed in the centre columns are more valuable than those dropped towards the side, since they provide more potential for ‘Four-In-A-Row’.’s version is interesting-it uses eight rows instead of seven. Why? Well, the seven row game has been mathmatically ‘solved’, whilst the eight row game hasn’t/