This is the game for you, its real easy to play and a lot of fun, Keno puts you in control from the amount of numbers you want to play and the wager amount

Started in China, Keno came to the USA in the mid 1800’s and is similar to Lotto. The game has since become very popular and is of all the casino games the easiest to play. Most players can expect to receive a high payout on a relatively small bet.
There are a variety of different versions of Keno, including Video Keno, for now we will be looking at how to play the standard version.
To start playing Keno, select 4 to 10 numbers which are between 1 and 80. Each of the numbers is known as a Spot, hence if you choose the maximum of 10 numbers you are playing 10 Spot Game.
The computer will then generate 20 different numbered balls out of 80 balls which you will need to match on your chosen numbers. The more numbers you have the greater chance of winning.
As most casinos the minimum amount need to bet is around $1 or more, the amount of money which can be won depends on a variety of choices such as the number of spots you have got and the ticket. You can play as many tickets as you want, you can end up winning a massive payout with only a $1 bet amount.