Best Roulette Games

Where to find best roulette games

Many roulette sites houses offer American and Euro versions of the game. Nonetheless, the seasoned players do understand that there are several other editions that an individual can play apart from the two options.  The games vary in terms of betting ranges, rules and quality of graphics. This game is the most common games that feature a live dealer.
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Versions of the top Roulette games

Since not everyone understands the different versions including free version of the roulette game available, the following is a list of the popular options an individual can choose from.   Mini roulette- This game is mainly found in Playtech software casinos. The player can wager any amount between $1and $300 on thirteen numbers. There is also several other types of bets that are readily available. The game can be an interesting change of experience from the regular 36/37 number wheels.
Real Roulette – This game is similar to the European varaint, but the call and name bets are renamed into this language.  When you are using the Micro gaming platform, you are provided with an option of using either the   Gold or the conventional French roulette. The FR Gold is characterized by a more stylish and elegant table.
3D Roulette -This is another classic version designed by the Playtech software. The game follows the European roulette rules. The main difference of the software versions from the regular edition is that gamers are offered Roulette  of the 3D view. In case you are not impressed by the view of the games found in the regular sites, you are bound to be impressed by the attractive view of this game.
Irish roulette -This is a classic real dealer game that follows the concept of the European roulette. The gamers are required to bet and then seat back as they watch the live roulette wheel while spinning. The game enhances the thrill of the game since the player can watch the wheel live as it is spinning. In addition, it is also possible to hear the croupier talking. Gamers can enjoy the game from selective gaming sites like Fairway Casino.
La Roulette – This is a five wheel edition of European Roulette created by Slot land Entertainment. It can only be played at Win a Day Casino. The main advantage with this game is that the player is at liberty to set the preferred amount of cash. You can adjust the betting table to high amount of more than $5,000 for a game. On the other hand, you can set the bets to as little as a dime per game. Recently, the developer has also designed an American version of the La Roulette game that has been incorporated in this list.
Roulette Royale -This is the sole roulette game that comes with progressive jackpot. Every spin made comes with a compulsory $1 bet. When you sore the same number a couple of times and in a row, you earn $15 instantly. For three times you get $200; four times you get $3000 while five times award the progressive jackpot to the gamer. The jackpot normally comes in more than six figures.