Computer Rage

Anyone who’s ever been tempted to smash a malfunctioning machine at the office is bound to appreciate Computer Rage. Blow off some steam with this hilarious online slot game, which offers up to 25 lines of action with reel symbols including piles of paperwork, staplers, stressed-out workers, a screaming boss and crashing computers.
Play for as little as 1p or as much as £20 per spin, as you try to line up five “Boss” symbols winning you the top prize of 5,000 times your line bet. Computer Rage contains not one, but two Bonus Rounds.

In the “Computer Rage” bonus feature triggered when the Boss appears on Reel 1 and his female employee appears on Reels 4 and 5, you’ll step outside the office building to select from its 10 windows. You’ll get five chances to see whether a computer lies behind that window; if it does, a furious employee will push it out and an instant bonus amount will be revealed.
In the other bonus feature, launched when three or more computer symbols appear, you’ll get to live out the fantasy of any overworked office drone: armed with a sledgehammer, you’ll choose three computers to smash to bits, and earn a prize amount for each.