Jewel Quest

If you are looking for the ultimate online slots adventure, then look no further than Jewel Quest. The latest member of Littlewoods “Casual Game” series (which includes slot adaptations of popular puzzle games such as Bejeweled, and Cubis), Jewel Quest invites you to join a treasure hunt set in ancient tombs and exotic jungles.
Game play takes place on a board made up of tiles. Once you’ve placed your wager (between f1 and f500) and activate the game, artifacts including jewelled skulls, gold coins, masks, statues and diamonds rain down onto the board and occupy the tiles. Match consecutive artifacts and the tiles underneath them turn to gold!

Once all of the tiles have been turned to gold, you’ll unlock a bonus prize and move onto the next of five levels. Don’t have time to play all five levels; no problem! Come back tomorrow and your progress will be automatically saved so you can continue your adventure from where you left off. Unique in many ways, Jewel Quest doesn’t use “lines” as traditional slots do-, payouts are made when three or more identical artifacts appear in consecutive order (up-down or left-right, not diagonally.)
The game also encourages players to set their wager amount at the beginning of each round and maintain it until the round is completed, since if the wager is changed mid-round, any accumulated bonus payouts will be lost.
The maximum payout per game round is a whopping 2,000 times your line bet and to increase the payouts and the excitement, bonus amounts rise as you progress through the five levels, each of which features a different backdrop and layout, and rise in rank from Researcher to Explorer.